Gcode Printing - Simplify3D profile released!

JasonWu 2017-12-25 09:58 edit

Hello Cetizens,


After some more tweaking with simplify3D, here we provide a usable simplify3D profile (extended version), you can use it as good starting point for further tinkering.


First you need to use the latest Cetus3D software 1.1, download it here:



Then you need to have Simplify3D software which will cost you some money.

I think if you understand the profile, it will not be difficult to setup your own profile for slic3r and Cura, both are free to use.

In Simplify3D?you need to setup the firmware, as following:


Firmware config.png

Since there is no fan control and heat bed control, so these setting are being cancelled by adding “;”

Then you can import the cetus.fff profile into program and start printing.


Here are some explaination for the profile:


The extrusion multiplier, it is determined experimentally, may not be the best opitmized value.

We used Cetus PLA as testing material. if you use other materials, this value may need to be adjusted.

You may also play with extrusion width setting to get a better top surface finish.

Gcode Setting

Gcode setting.png

Please note build volume is based on the extended version, so the build volume setting is 180x180x300. If you are using the standard version, change the Z-axis to 180mm.

Please note origin offset of X-axis and Z-axis, Z-axis origin offset is equal to the nozzle height value of your printer.


Starting Gcode explained:

G28 X-2 Y2; home x y axes (G28, not supported in MKII,remove it if you have MKII machine)

G28 Z-2; home Z axis (G28, not supported in MKII,remove it if you have MKII machine)

M204 P1500 ; set acceleration

G28 is code for homing axes.

M204 is tell the machine firmware how much acceleration you want, the value P1500 can be changed.

Higher acceleration could produce better corners but may cause ripples.

Ending Gcode explained:


M109 ;switch off extruder

M191 ;switch off heated bed

G28 X-2 Y2; home axes (G28, not supported in MKII,remove it if you have MKII machine)

G28 Z-2; home Z (G28, not supported in MKII,remove it if you have MKII machine)

M2 ;end of program

M109 and M191 are code to set extruder and heat bed temperature, if you just give the code without a target temp (Sxxx) which mean turn them off.

Loading Gcode is same as load a stl file, first save your gcode from S3D to your computer and load it into the Cetus3D. Then you will get a confirmation to run the gcode.

The software right now does not have much support for gcode related operations, it will just translate it into codes that can be read by Cetus firmware and start printing.

If everything goes well you will see the extruder temperature value start to rise and the 3 axes start homing and then printing starts.

The print speed of the profile is set to 120mm/s, which is quite fast and may not give best quality, adjust it base on your need!

Happy tinkering!

2017-09-06 Update:

For MKII users, please remove all G28 command from your Gcodes, since MKII machine use a special homing mechanism which are not compatible with G28. The homing is already done during initialization so it is not necessary to do it again before printing.



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Thank you so much for the S3D FFF. It works great and my test came out perfectly. Only commnet is that there isn't a purge before print, like how the Cetus Studio does. I've tried to add my usual purge Gcode to the start script, but Cetus doesn't want to extrude properly, it retracts instead of exrude even if I put E5 or E-5.

[quote][size=2][color=#999999]BlueDinos post at 2017-3-7 09:39[/color][/size]
Thank you so much for the S3D FFF. It works great and my test came out perfectly. Only commnet is th …[/quote]

You can use skirt, 2x perimeter works well enough.

I assume the way this works is you have to save the gcode to a file then use Cetus to send the file to the printer. I tried that on my Mac but I just get an error.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.18.22 AM.png

Rick, it doesn't look like the 1.1 beta update is available for Mac yet

Of course not.

Actually I am running version 1.1. Or did they put out a newer version with the same version number.

The official numbering is ' Beta'

cyberhugger, the macOS App Store indicates version 1.1 to be what is available.  But, if you do an About in the program, it will show 1.0.1 (20) as the currently installed version.

Does the update include other bugfixes as well? Is there a changelog anywhere?

Having some trouble getting the starting height right. Followed the guide but it's still like 2mm too high. Will try a few more tweaks. 

I've noticed the only way to stop gcode in progress other than turning off the machine is clicking the initialize button. 

Did some messing around and this has to do with Vase mode... need to figure out how to tweak since that's one of the big reasons I want to use S3D. Seems to be working ok on a normal print so far.

[quote][size=2][color=#999999]msim post at 2017-3-8 03:05[/color][/size]
Having some trouble getting the starting height right. Followed the guide but it's still like 2m …[/quote]

If you want to stop a print, go to maintenance  and click the stop button. Raising the print head could be done by go to calibration and use the "move" button 

Is anyone else having retraction issue? It doesnt seem to be working at all. I've sat there watching the extruder and I never see it do a retraction for teh S3D Gcode.

Good catch. Mine stops extruding during retraction point but makes no visible retraction. I wonder if the value needs to be significantly like how the extrusion multiplier is high. 

Just want to add: Thank you Jason and the Cetus team for being committed to enhancing the gcode experience. The Cetus software has done a great job for me over the last month but as I mature in the hobby, my interest in having more control over my prints has increased. I've recommended the Cetus to many people already because even though it's already a great printer, you are making it even better with each update!

@msim, agree with you 100% I love the Cetus! I ahve both the regular and extended version and they both have been printing like champs! Can't wait for all the bugs to be worked out and the Cetus will get better and better! Having the Gcode translator and S3D profile just makes it that much better already. Hopefully we can get an update and hopefully get the retraction issue worked out. Also yes, I notice that at retraction points, it stops, but does no retract.

Retractions works now!! I've experimented with higher numbers. I'm using 15mm retractions which looks like 2mm when it moves and 8000m/s which works!!!

No worries, you just have to set the retraction higher. At least for me that worked. I have these settings for the 0.2 mm nozzle so maybe twaek these for other nozzles/layer heights:


Thanks Cetus/Jason, I have been tweaking the S3D profile today and it's so great to be able to also use gcode!