Using G-CODE with UP mini 1

Hello, I’m sorry to ask my question here, but I could not find the UPmini1 Category.

I’m fairly new to using G-CODE and I started with Slic3r. After all the printer settings and slicing of my models, everytime I try to print it, the printer moves outside of the [X,Y] limits and terminates the printing.

My question is: Do you know of any website/forum, where I could find the absolute basics regarding the G-CODE usage with my printer? I would like to learn it with this small and funny, yet still pretty useful machine before moving to the expensive company-property…
OR…can you please post some G-CODE that surely runs using a UPmini1 printer? It is pretty intuitive and I would be able to compare the Slic3r export of my models with a functioning code.

Thank you very much!!


you may check these posts for using Gcode. On mini1, it should similar.

Thank you for your reply. However, the printer is still hitting the end position of one of the axes and trying to move further in that direction.

Anyway, thank you for your time, I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

You need to set the direction and range of axis correctly in the slicer’s printer config.

Thank you again for the reply. I think I did it, but obviously not correctly. I’ll keep trying.

Hello again, I found a post regarding UP printers in this forum and they mention that the y axis has to be “flipped” in the slicer software, but they use simplify3D.

(again: when I execute the gcode file in the UpStudio, the bed is heated and during the second step (I imagine is it is the G28 command), The printing head moves all the way to the right and hits the ending point with a Moving error message…:confused: )

Can you please direct me how to set the axes correctly in Slic3r? Thank you again for your time, I really appreciate it.

if you found the axis is heading toward the wrong direction. You need set the value of range to negative or vice versa.