Trouble w/ mk1 calibration/printing - NEED TECH SUPPORT PLEASE

Have had several years of perfect printing.

Then had some trouble a few weeks ago while printing. Everything went to hell. FB group gave me impression I had destroyed the extruder and possibly nozzle. Purchased new extruder which included 0.4mm nozzle.

Print quality is now very poor.


Print quality very poor.

I used to get prints like the one in the upper right corner. Will I ever get these again?

Does tech support monitor this forum? I see many many threads without any interaction. This is a bad sign. Is the mk1 orphaned?

@rogermc . not to worry, we’ll get you printing again. It’s the weekend, so you might not see much official support for a few days.

When you installed the new heater and nozzle assembly, did you make sure that the screw is in the center of the tube and the tube is also against the metal of the heater? Could you post a few pics of the new heater and nozzle setup…from a few different angles and without the fan attached, and a pic of the back where the screw heads exist.

edit: also post a link for the post in FB

I apologize, but I am having difficulty with the terminology to provide photos. I simply replaced the entire extruder assembly as delivered by TierTime. A heater was not included. I’m not sure what ‘screw’ you are referring to. I also do not know what the ‘tube’ refers to. I’m also not certain which side would be considered the ‘back’ side. I greatly appreciate any and all help, I have been without the printer for several weeks and have a backlog. I also do not know how to generate a link URL for a FB post.

Here’s video of printing process …

Need to see a little more, can you remove the fan and the white duct…then show a video with a view from where the fan was…that includes from the top of the motor to the printed model.

Guess I should have said to record it printing, and hold the camera very still :slight_smile:

And just a little further back so I can see the top of the motor as well.


Your nozzle is too close to the print-bed

I followed instructions for calibration. Drop along Z axis until some drag on business card. Then subtract 0.5mm and ‘Set’ as height.

Remove the nozzle, then look at the heater block surface(with the red silicone) underneath where the nozzle enters when installing, it should be flat around the hole…also check the two tubes that attach the heater block to the frame of the extruder assembly, make sure there is no silicone between where the tubes meet the heater block and the two screws/bolts are tight.

Also unlink the filament tube from the cables, and use a length of 50mm…that tube should stay in the white filament-guide.

I see no issues.

I don’t understand what you are saying. I have not modified the printer.

that surface doesn’t look flat to me, there are some ridges of aluminum on the right side in your pic.

I’m very confused, that is the way I rec’d it from TierTime. Is it defective?

When I first received my printer I noticed my nozzle wasn’t vertical in the heater-block, a closer look revealed some metal slag around the hole, I removed the extra metal to make the surface flat…as it should be.