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smartformat 2017-1-7 14:28 edit

I received my Cetus three days ago really love it so far.

More and more backers will get their printer in the following days, so I thought it would be great to have a place to report bugs or suggest features for the Cetus3D software.


In the short time using the printer I’ve alreade noticed a few minor things:


Software version: Cetus3D x64

Computer: Windows 10 x64


Software slicing / Printing


  • Slicing option “No Support” doesn’t seem to work (Slicer always generates support)

Features I’d love to see:

  • Path preview of the current sliced print (like a gcode preview with single layer view etc.)

  • Autofill in password for network printers

  • Set a perimetercount

  • Different infill structures (for solid aswell as unsound infill)

  • Support generation without dense layers at the top

  • Custom support generation (not only from build platform)


Importing Gcode from an external slicing program (e.g. Simplify3D)

I know this features is still under development but here is what I’ve noticed:


When “sticky” parameters in Gcode generation are enabled the extruding rates for solid infill are way to high. The extruder starts clicking from skipping steps and the plastic smears all over the place from overextrusion. Extrusion for perimeters and unsound infill are fine on the other hand.

When “sticky” parameters are disabled, the printer seems to have a problem with curved movements. It kinda vibrates along the given path instead of following it.


A feature suggestion would be some kind of feedback from the running Gcode on the printer and a possibility to stop, pause and continue the current print.



Post your own experiences / problems with the software below.

Only the exchange between user and developer can make the software perfect =)


Best Regards,


I second this notion. 

I received my shipping notification and thought I would setup the Cetus software in preparation for its arrival.

Unfortunately it will not install....

I downloaded the version from dropbox and extracted it.


Then used "Run-as Administrator" to try and install it.


Here is the result.


There are two messages in Windows Event viewer, but they contain no helpful information.



Forgot to add that I'm running "Windows 8.1 Enterprise N" x64 


[quote][size=2][color=#999999]Frankincell post at 2017-1-7 23:04[/color][/size]
Forgot to add that I'm running "Windows 8.1 Enterprise N" x64 [/quote]

It seems like you installed the 32bit version of the software.

Normally that should work just fine but I'd try the x64 Version nevertheless

Also running the setup in window's copability mode could do the trick.

When that doesn't help address cetus's support as the software is mandatory for printing atm.

Thanks for the great feedback. We will look into the suggestions, may be we should make a poll for the most wanted new features.

When the Gcode is running, you can actually stop it at the maintenance interface using the stop button. The Gcode transcoder still have some issues, currently we found that the model printed is somehow shortened for a percentage.

If anyone have the y-axis falling issue ( motor loss power after print finish), it is likely due to installing and running UP Studio and Cetus3D on the same computer. Since the printerconfig file is interchangable between the 2 software and they kind of mixed up. 

A quick fix is uninstall the UP Studio and delete the following hidden file from your computer.


Jason wu

Cetus Team

I wonder where that file is on a Mac. Or maybe this won't be an issue is OSX.

I am using a mac and have downloaded the MacOS version of the Cetus software and I have the problem where the z-axis falls after a print has finished. I also have never downloaded the Up software before. Is there another possible solution?


/Users/user/Library/Containers/com.tiertime.upStudio/Library/Application Support/Tiertime


Found it and deleted it. We'll see if I have the issue when I get my printer. I'm guessing there is a change in the config that does not power off the z-axis at the end of a print.  We'll still have the issue if we power the printer off or if there is a power failure.

There's another layer of folder between com.tiertime.upStudio and Library.

/Users/user/Library/Containers/com.tiertime.upStudio/Data/Library/Application Support/Tiertime

It concerns me that the printer requires continuous power to keep the arm aloft - I guess it's because of the weight of the horizontal arm and print assembly - the weight is too much for the natural resistance of the mechanism that lifts the arm.

I wonder how having to keep the motor under power will affect it's longevity.

The printer is supposed to be able to resume printing following a power failure. I don't see how this is possible if the arm will just fall downwards onto the print in progress, if power is lost.

I love what I've seen of the Cetus3D, but it looks like more than a simple software configuration issue - a bit of a design flaw.

I think I still prefer Udo Nacken physical solution to secure the arm when a print is finished.

Finally, it is very bad practice to piggyback a new topic on someone else's thread. It just means that anyone interested in commenting on the falling arm problem, won't find the comments about it in this thread.

I'm really looking forward to receiving my Cetus3D.

It's inherent in the use of a belt drive for the z-axis. Power is needed to hold a stepper in place. Once power is removed then it's just freewheeling. With a belt there is really no resistence to movement in the mechanism so it just falls. Ideally they would have incorporated some kind of automatic locking mechanism that would engage automatically when power is removed to hold the z-axis in place.

[quote][size=2][color=#999999]JasonWu post at 2017-1-9 03:54[/color][/size]
Thanks for the great feedback. We will look into the suggestions, may be we should make a poll for t …[/quote]

I can not confirm the deformation of parts when printed with gcode. The functional parts I printed where perfect in size along all axis.

The powerloss at the end of a print continues even after deleting the file. I'll try reinstalling and removing all files from my pc in the next days.

A poll would definetly be nice as this threat already gets pretty confusing.

Also I've another feature request for the cetus. Please make it possible to mute or turn down the volume of the signal tone.

Thank you for the reply.   Using the 64Bit version of the installer worked properly.

I had trouble locating it as the download links don't line up with the acutal clickable area on the web-page.

Once I found it, it installed just fine.

Interesting to note that it installed the 64bit software in the x86 directory...


Please download x64 version

bugs i found osx download from appstore:

- ssid issues (only 10 entries are displayed, no restrictions required there)

- print stop does not stop the print

- print preferences missmatch 'nor raft' checkbox works but 'no support' has no effect 

other from that great software

the forum software sucks

I have a question. is this an error ?

in old version, I was able to find the center grid and 3d models.

but, v1.0.1.1 don't appear the grid and 3Dmodels.

what should I do?

(maybe, it could be questioned by other user. but, I can't find the topic on the Forum, then I ask in this topic. excuse me.)

OS : windows 10 pro

software version : Cetus3D_x64_1.0.1.1


About the software, it's super laggy on my surface pro 4, I don't know why. And on my desktop (that's on the same wifi as the printer), I just can't fins the printer.

[quote][size=2][color=#999999]jene post at 2017-2-18 01:04[/color][/size]
I have a question. is this an error ?in old version, I was able to find the center grid and 3d model …[/quote]

You should report this to

[quote][size=2][color=#999999]thetrailblazer post at 2017-2-20 08:10[/color][/size]
You should report this to…[/quote]

thank you for your advice.

I sent a e-mail to Cetus team.

I uninstalled UP Studio and deleted the file.  I also made sure to update the Cetus software to version 1.1 on my Mac running OS Sierra.  The arm is still falling when the power is turned off.  Any suggestions?  Am I missing a step?  I'm loving the Cetus printer for sure!  I just got it today and it has been nothing but great, other than my falling arm.  

Thank you!