Plastic stops extruding

Printing with ABS, .3mm layer height, .80mm extrusion width. I’m printing the same file over and over.

Sometimes it stops extruding during the first print and sometimes it stops extruding after a couple of platform changes, but eventually, it stops extruding plastic even though it keeps moving.

It seems to stop extruding in the section where it’s laying down plastic on a 2 inch x 4 inch thin/flat section.

Any ideas what can be causing this?

If you can provide some pictures or the stl file? The default print head is PLA type, not suitable for printing ABS, for prolonged use the ptfe tube inside could degrade and cause clogging.

Oh wow. Didn’t realize that. Can you link me to buying the correct extruder?

BTW, tiertime and up3d websites seem to be down right now.

The default print head is PLA type, not suitable for printing ABS

If this is the case, can you please explain to me why the Twitter banner of the Tiertime Twitter account says “Superior ABS Performance”? Respectfully, what exactly do they mean by saying that?

Here’s the Twitter link -

Here’s a capture of it once it gets changed -

Since this post is under the section X5. So I suppose you are using X5 machine.
For X5 the default print head is PLA type, because it is the recommended material for X5 machine. PLA in general give more stability than ABS base on our contunous printing testing. For ABS if printing large objects, its warpping tendency may cause print job failure. Anyway we do have ABS extruder for X5, currently it is not in the store, we will update soon.

Unfortunately, the only way to get “Superior ABS performance” is to have a bed that’s capable of maintaing 110°C, and have a chamber heating system that maintains around 50-70°C to prevent the part from cooling and thus warping large prints.

Seems pretty poor that the beds on the new Tiertime printers max out at only 100°C and often not even get there for some models.

Whether a ABS print will stick also depend on the surface texture, environmental temperature and its size.


here is the link for ABS extruder for X5.