Older Firmware needed

Good afternoon,
Would anyone here still have a copy of the touchscreen firmware version 1.5.7
I need to rollback to that one to get my printer back to being functional, newest firmware is a complete dud, introduced more errors than it fixed.

thanks in advance


I had a look and how do I get it to you - the forum will not allow uploads

try http://static.tiertime.com/downloads/UP300_1.5.7_WH_update.tt

I have 2 of these machines and in both cases I have had to replace the touchscreen board.
The new touch screen is faster than the old one and I have had no issues to date with the current firmware.
If you take a look at Error The main thread is blocked - #21 by Sneaky there is the history to my touchscreen issues.
Good luck

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Thank you Sneaky.
You’re a life saver, will install it first thing tomorrow when I get to work. Hopefully it will fix the bug(s) that the latest version introduced.


Just looked at your post about “main thread is blocked” issue and maybe I already have a later version screen when I bought my printer, as I’ve never seen that error (so far). I got it in late 2020
Compared to my Upbox+, the file loading is virtually instant on the Up300, I’ve had 85 hour prints load in seconds without isuue.
Its a shame I cant update the old Upbox + to load as fast, its been a workhorse for many years and any problems…a quick off-on and initialise has fixed them right away.

Flashed the rolled back version first thing…all good now :smiley:

Nice, I revert here first when I have an issue. There should be a knowledge base of errors and fixes, or maybe I just haven’t seen it yet.
Good luck with your printer.

Weird thing is still occurring with the touchscreen firmware, now that its rolled back to 1.5.7, the bed always heats up to 75degrees, no matter what material profile i am using,
The nozzle temp changes correctly, but not the bed. This adds a long time for the heating especially for a quick small print.

Once it heats up to 75 degrees and starts printing, it shows its temp at 145%, then it slowly reduces to where it should be.
If i install the latest firmware again, this heating issue disappears , but the other original issue returns, so i’m stuck.
i’ve reset the machine ( more than once), cleared all the print history many times, Selected the material directly from the printer, but no matter what i do this keeps happening.

if i go to the latest firmware, it does the rapid Z axis down. rapid to various points on the table then never does the nozzle purge unless using a raft.
If i attempt to print directly on the glass with the latest firmware, 100% fail rate.
Revert back, to 1.5.7, prints well again, but overheats the bed.

Any ideas or suggestions?

None here sorry, I have 3 machines now. two with the latest firmware and one with older that I am reluctant to update as it has older touchscreen hardware. I have tried to resolve other print issues and as such try to print with all the same settings to try and identify a consistent setup - none of them print the same, it drives me nuts!

Is it just me?..or does tiertime never seem to have a fix for so many issues on this forum, they seem to be relying on other users to offer solutions.

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It seems like they have no staff anymore for this right? Only Jason pops in once in a while but that’s it.