My Zaxis Power off / Outage solution

Hey guys, here is my simple solution to the Zaxis crashing down once power is off. I have a bunch of people that are asking me to make them a set so i'll be buy some more parts and will have them ready to ship in about 2 weeks. It'll cost me about $20 - $25 and i'll be selling my kits for $45 + shipping. Not trying to make a ton of money just someting for the time and effort; and saving some people time and effort. let me know if anyones interested so i can order the right amount.

Z Axis Balancer set

PS: A great bi-product now is that the Z axis motor is working with less win!

Interested +1 Great work!

Count me in.  Looks great.

This is awesome

Any chance you'd be willing to post a parts manifest so that other people could build their own? I get that you put some time and effort into this but sharing something like this would be great for the community.

Sure, not a problem. Let me put it all together and upload a google doc. Give me a day to take some photos and get it all ready. Thanks!

PS: For those of you who just wants a full kit, i'll let you know know once I get all the parts in. Thanks!!

thanks a lot for sharing!

waiting the google docs

Add me to the list of interested people!


I should have been more clear, I'm interested in getting a complete kit, not just the docs!



I was wondering if you think a different Pull force would work.  The ML4575 Springs have a 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and the 2.0.  I was not sure if you had a chance to experiment with the other ones or what you think since you have the 2lb one on hand.  I also helped create the Cetus adapter for a different type of extruder (the Nimble) that will lower the hot-ends weight (not enough to stop the drop, but wont be as heavy).  If possible, would you be able to link the STL that you created for the spring.

Side note, do you have an STL for the Fan shroud you created, it looks cool.

@ h2opolo214 I haven;t had the chance to upgrade the fan adaptor on thingyverse...I will do it tonight!!

@everyone - I've created a google doc for you to sign up if you want to buy a kit for $40 + shipping. 


Putting together the kits


[quote][size=2][color=#999999]BlueDinos post at 2017-3-3 01:31[/color][/size]
Putting together the kits[/quote]

perfect, will you reach out to those of us who are interested once done or do we need to keep an eye on the forum?  Actually considering I dont think the forum has any PM facility I think I have answered my on question.

@tegregg got your order, thanks! I will update the doc with shipping price and total.

[quote][size=2][color=#999999]BlueDinos post at 2017-3-3 07:30[/color][/size]
@tegregg got your order, thanks! I will update the doc with shipping price and total.[/quote]

Great thanks

Hello Bluedinos, I'm from Brasil, please tell how can i get one, I'm very intersting, congractulations!

Hi there!

Are you still selling these kits?



I added my name and email to the google doc, what other info do I need to add if I just want a complete kit?