Dead printer after upgrades

Well got my printer late February 2019 after about 17 prints it stoped extruding. Told support sent new extruder In the meantime I purchased all the upgrades for the mk3 waited for the extruder to arrive so could install all together.Now I have all parts I have installed all as per videos off the website and when I turn on I get led’s lit, fan running, that’s it won’t initialise by the switch,won’t connect to UP software wireless or USB. Reverted back to original setup no change. Am I missing something is the board, CPU, upgrades faulty. Printer was fine until upgrades. Confused now had a great printer for all of 12 weeks,

Any tech experts available for this issue?

Need printer back

Could be CPU some how dead, we will send you a new CPU. PLease send your shipping info to We will handle it ASAP and sorry for all the inconvenience.

Thanks Jason
I have sent email as requested.
Thank for the quick response very much appreciated.

Will update once item arrives.
Fingers crossed.


Garry I hope that solves your problem but it may reoccur. Support havent responded to me this week. There instructions, photos and videos all conflict over the ribbon cables (metal pins up or down) so if you follow all the available written instructions you have a differently connected printer from the girl in the videos. I havent been game to turn mine on after installing all the upgrades. If you fried something because cable at one end is wron way around then it’ll fry again, but you could relook at instructions and try flipping one end over in case its data thats not getting through only . There’s also a dc cable thats on the table in the videos but never installed so i had that and other bits left over spare on mine.

If you get yours sorted I’d love to know exactly which flat ribbon cables go which way around, since cetus arent telling me anything.

I’d imagine, and I’m only guessing here, that the connectors for the flat cables only have conductors on one side. So if you plug then in the wrong way up they’ll just not do anything. So it’ll fail but in a safe way.

Hi Owen
Your right the pins are only on one side.
I looked at the connections before inserting cable.on the heated bed it’s pins up, on the extension board and main board for the platform heater it’s pins down.
I have received a new extension board but it’s not good news that too is faulty. The outlet power connection is faulty have to manipulate once on that’s it can’t go any further, up software Won’t connect too printer it sees it via usb but no id just a question mark click on it error message fails to connect to printer(CTRL) (3154.3154.3154.618.618). Also no WiFi connection available. Press the initialize button printer looses power. Been onto customer service still waiting for a reply it’s been a week. Spent £800 for a printer and upgrades that lasted 14 weeks. I’m new to this hobby I’m not impressed. Stuck in limbo none is responding to my tickets raised.

The videos and the guides are clear about where the pins should be facing. You cannot fry the board by plugging in the FFC (ribbon cable) the wrong way, it just wouldn’t work. Tiertime has released updated instructions, I also have mine documented in my website if you’re interested to look.

Hi all
Just an update.
The very kind people at Tiertime have sent a new printer and waiting for extension board.
Printer (stock) is up and running on test.
So I’m back into this wonderful hobby I have printed a few small things and all seems good I love this little printer it print faultless.
I would like to Thank Jason and his colleagues at Tiertime for all there help very much appreciated. Customer service is excellent A*

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Not sure if this is the right answer to this post??? .we are talking about a 3D printer. Not epson paper printers.

This is a phishing post, it’s been reported.
Cheers, Owen.

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