Brand new to Up Mini 2 Prints not sticking

Is there an area for beginners?

I’m (very) new to 3D printing, but I’m already having trouble.

Using the defaults and following the instructions, my first ABS+ print stuck (just) to the Flex board and finished well. I then tried a larger print and it came off the bed half way through the print.
I then realised I’m using the wrong bed for ABS+ and switched to the Perf board.
Followed the instructions and tried another small print.

This time the result was worse, the raft lifted almost immediately.

What am I doing wrong please? I’ve seen references to the Nozzle Offset, but how much do I need to add and which way? + or -?

I’m on day 2 and the material and printer are both brand new.

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Try preheating the printer for 60 minutes before starting the print. Wiping doen the flexboard with isopropyl alcohol occasionally helps a little, but sadly in general the printer will not be hot enough to print abs despite what tiertime and the internet tells you.

Ideally you want the nozzle as close as possible to the bed during the first layer. Use the calibration card or a piece of card, and raise the bed up to nozzle on the 0.0 point of the levelled bed, then start adjusting the offset untill there’s a bit of friction between the card and the nozzle. Once you’ve done that, start a quick test print to see if the first raft layer is too close or far from the perf board and adjust from there.

When printing ABS, you want to use the perf board and raft pretty much every time. Don’t use the flex board unless you’re doing PLA.