BETA3.0.11 compatibility

Continuing the discussion from UP Studio 3 Issues:

Hello All,

New here, installed yesterday the new BETA Studio-3 yesterday.
No problems (yet), and very impressed with the version 3.0.11options.
Great work from the UP!-developpers.

I am a long time UP! user with a UP! MINI V1 and a BOX V1.
Both running great!
I did have some small issues over the years, but nothing unfixable.
Software and printing results only got better.
Next expecting a CETUS V3 to put to good use :smile:

Just a few questions:
Is it possible to use the older MINI-V1 and BOX-V1 with this newer software ?
If I look at the printer options this should be no problem,
but before switching I would like to know for sure.

Next to that I noticed a second extruder option.
Is that maybe for future use?
Another setting at the extruder section is scale factor.
Is the purpose of this setting to increase the feed (increase speed of the steppermotor)?

Just curious…

Greetings from the Netherlands.


  1. The UP Studio 3 are designed to backward support UP mini 1 and UP BOX.
  2. 2nd Extruder is for dual extrusion machines that will be release soon. (hopefully within 2020)
  3. The scale factor at the material section will multiply to extrusion rate of all entities. This settings not only useful for material but also allow modding of extruder.

Thanks Jason, sound good to me!

In version BETA3.0.11 I have possibility to slice model, but without possibility to print this (error with message: “TASK File: Printer Model NOT Match”). Otherwise I can generate gcode file in this software, but without possibility to (easy) print this in older Up Studio 2.6, because I can not use distance from the bed to the nozzle with imported gcode.

Did you connect to your printer in Wand?

Temporary solutions step by step:

I) With Up Studio 3.0.11 BETA

1.1 Start Up Studio 3.0.11 and then click button “Print”.

1.2 Then new Window “Wand” is going on and then you can see your printer on the left bottom corner. There is “Model ID”. My, with my Up mini, is 10104.

1.3 Now you can find this “Model ID” in Up Studio 3, but in software it is 10112.

1.4 You can change this only in config file with text editor, for example with notepad++. You need to edit file C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Tiertime\UP Studio\default.conf.
There is for UP Mini second place in this section (for my up mini it is 10104 instead of 10112):

“Model ID”: {
“Desc”: “Model ID”,
“Tip”: “Manufacturer of 3d printer”,
“Type”: “2”,
“Prior”: “7”,
“Inherit”: “5”,
“Link”: “1”,
“integer”: [

1.5. Now exactly you can print, but it is going REALLY WRONG (with good Z-Offset your printer start with nozzle in bed, because it is not ready for my up mini :)), and some seconds later bed is going too much back with error “MOTION X”.

2.1 Then you can modify second parameter “Z Offset” (of course only with editor: in config file).

“Z Offset”: {
“Desc”: “E1 Offset Z”,
“Tip”: “Z offset”,
“Type”: “3”,
“Prior”: “6”,
“Inherit”: “3”,
“Link”: “1”,
“float”: [

2.2. My “Z Offset” is 122.7mm, but first layer in Up Studio 3.0.11 BETA is going 0.06mm instead of 0.2mm. This is the reason I have to write there: 122.56.

2.3. I cannot print with this, but now I can slice model and save “.gcode" instead of ".tsk” file.

3.1 Then I can use this *.gcode file with Up Studio 2 (current version: and it was almost acceptable to me. Stop of printing was on the last layer of cube 20x20x20.

II) With PrusaSlicer and Up Studio 2
It was better with result, but a lot of work.
I was using some script from internet (some postscript from Cura) as pattern and I wrote some scripts which do modifications to “*.gcode” from PrusaSlicer v.2.2.0. I printed this modified file the same way like in point 3.1. I can use f.ex. skirt from Prusaslicer in first layer (without problem with wrong value of Z).