Best buy since Cetus3d

The Lokbuild print surface just sticks on the Cetus one, and is brilliant. I no longer use rafts which always wrecked the lower surface of my prints while looking perfect themselves. Do yourself a favour and get one.


Oh, and no screwholes

Can you post some images on how the first layer would look like. Maybe a images showing the model from below (and its surface).

Can the Cetus3D printer print without raft and still hold the tolerances and shape? How bad/good does the printer print without raft? Surface finish and so on.

Is the Lokbuild better to give a smoother surface?

Does it work with an heated build plate?


@tompa14 , see some photos here Cetus Fan Shroud with Wind Door

When a smooth surface to is used and the nozzle height is correctly calibrated, the first layer will look like the smooth surface. Those photos from the link were printed without raft, supports or brims…just the model itself. The distance between the nozzle tip and the print-bed is .02mm

I use a glass surface over the stock non-heated bed and have always printed on it without a raft unless I need to (like lithophanes). Now that I have the heated bed, I use the free perforated board with a sheet of 0.2 PEI, and again print without a raft.