1509 Error: Printer is no longer printing

I have the UP300 and have been very happy with the machine.

Yesterday I had USB connection issues but was able to run a long print overnight.
Today, more connection issues so I switched to wifi. I was able to run a 2 hour print. Now I’m getting Error 1509: Printer is not longer printing, when the printer tries to start a new print, when the axis first moves.
I also sometimes receive Error: 1509 Nozzle temp too low when it first tries to start printing. At this point I cannot get a print started.

Anyone have this issue?

Hi gregcr66

I’ve just got the same error this morning. Did you ever resolve your problem? I’ll let you know how I get on.

Hello, i have the same problem, i tried to print PETG whit the pla extruder. I have no problem to extrude and withdraw, but wheni lauch a print the go from the initialize position and stop and give me this message : 1509 temp nozzle is too law…

I have no problem when i print PLA…

Have you got any idea ?!?

Error: 1509-error-printer-is-no-longer-printing
Error: 1509 Nozzle temp too low

Today I have this problem
I have reset the machine, no change
I have replaced the print extruder
no change
What I noticed is that the nozzle does not heat with either extruder

I don’t see a solution below - did anyone fix it?

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I am nit sure if I should add to the UP300 Printer Head Flat Cable Issue - Design/Material Flaw? post or this
I replaced the FFC cable and problem and can conclude that after a week of printing that the problem is resolved

When I replaced the cable I also replaced some of the screws with CapHead and Nyloc nuts to ensure a robust fixing two pictures showing CapHead - I could only put one on the extruder at this stage.