UP300 Printer Head Flat Cable Issue - Design/Material Flaw?

I am generally happy with the quality of print with the UP300 but I am facing a persistent problem with the Printer Head Flat - It gets damaged very easily after printing some larger parts (150 ~200nn). So far I have already changed this cable 3 times and I think I need to change it again. Many prints will stop (fail) halfway and when it happens, it will carry on for the next subsequent prints until I dismantlement and then put back the back and the problem may stop. Or if it is not resolved, I have to change the cable. This problem occurs most often if the longer length of the part is along the X-direction. This orientation does put more stress on the cable where it connects to the print head.

My Tieritime supplier admits that several customers who print larger parts also face this problem. However I cannot accept this excuse as I am printing parts mostly <180mm long and this is well within the limits of UP300.
What is Tiertime’s advise on how to fix this problem? My printing requirements have increased and looking into my 3rd printer (I also have a UP Mini 2 ES) but this problem is enough for me to not dare to get another UP300. As a CNC milling machine designer myself in the past, I feel there
is a design flaw in the cabling system (to the printer head) or the material of the cable is of very low quality. Tiertime should consider at least replacing this cable free of charge as it basically does not last more than a few months.
UP300 flat cable

This would also happen on the UPBox, the FFC cable would vibrate and eventually lose good connection and the print would fail. Particually with the larger prints.

This solution worked for the UPBox - UpBox upgrade by xoxu - Thingiverse
I’m not sure if it’s applicable to UP300

I can really recommend that solution! I replaced the cables on two Up Boxes and they didn’t have cable issues since (for I think two years).

I uploaded these cable clips as an add-on of this cable redesign: Up Box Ribbon Cable Clip by 3DWP - Thingiverse

Unfortunately the Flat Cable for the UP300 is quite different, as there are no connectors on both ends. The cable just end with contacts exposed, which are then inserted directly into the connector on the PCB (Print Head and the PCB attached to the mother board)

Experience tells me the the flat cable end connected to the Print head is the one that tends to get loose and loses connection when the X-movement fo the print head is large but this problem seems lessor if the large movement is along the Y-Direction. So I try my best to orientate my parts so that the longer side will be along the Y-axis. Kind of counter-intuitive as the table in X-direction is longer than the Y.

The Up Box (+) also has an FFC cable, the point of that remix is to replace that and the little motherboard where it connects to by the cheaper ribbon cable. That can be plugged into the motherboard, at least for the Up Box.