Z offset and levelling for UP Box +

Hi all!

I have an UpBox+ that I’m trying to setup and it worked, ish, but I can’t level the bed correctly. I’ve added a flex build plate to it and after thaI, I’ve tried automatic levelling, and manual levelling, and setting the z offset or nozzle height. The last time I’ve tried running autolevelling, it probes all nine points as it should, but then moves the bed all the way to the bottom and asks me to insert the calibration card, which doesn’t make much sense. After all, it’s not 200mm+ thick.

I also tried to manually set the nozzle height to 208 and up and I got close, then I tried another automatic levelling and now that doesn’t work either, it constantly prints at around 25mm above the build plate, regardless of nozzle height settings.

I’m quite stuck here - anyone that knows where to take it from here?