Really need z-hop to keep the print head from dragging across the print.

Frank Kincell

Still need this. Any plans yet?

It’s in UP Studio 3 and works very well.
I’m not sure now if UP Studio 2 does any Z-hop travel movement, but I can assure it does in UP Studio 3 much to my liking.

Thanks. I did try it and I hope to get it tuned in. What height do you usually hop at?

The default value is set to 0.1mm. I run all prints at 0.2mm just to get a bit more clearance.

The default value at 0.1mm should be fine in virtually all circumstances. There should be no need to dial it in to anything specific.
If by chance you’re noticing that the nozzle is dragging along any of the printed geometry, just increase it a bit.

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