Z axis problems on the MkII Extended

Running into a lot of odd problems.


Printer is a little over a week old and started having issues with the Z axis after the first 5 or 6 prints.


On initialization, using the physical switch or the cetus software, the z axis sometimes stops short of the top of the rail. Anywhere between 5 and 60+ millimeters.


During calibration, it’s extremely inconsistent moving between points on the build plate. Calibrate the center 5 point, move to point 6, calibrate then move back to point 5 and the nozzle will dig into the build plate coating.


The menus also close randomly when working in calibration or trying to print something.


After the first few prints using the included filament I started to notice lines in the coating, recalibrated just the overall height of the nozzle, raising it by .2mm or so. Successfully printed a test and then this happened the next print of the same model with no changes to the calibration settings or reinitializing. https://i.imgur.com/rEAhlK5.jpg


Not sure if it’s defective hardware or something in the software causing problems.



Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.