Z axis level bed problems

<p>Hi</p><p>I am having problems with my prints. <br />Regardless of the print orders I gave, the first layer starts 5 mm above the ground. I calibrate bed, it seems fine but when I start a print order the problem still occurs.</p><p>bets regards</p><p>Serdar</p>

<p>Hi Baykush,</p><p>first of all please tell us what kind of cetus you have. the small or the big one. Then it would be helpful if you provide fotos, or a video (youtube) here. also the value you put in the cetus application for Z-Axis is quite important.</p><p>If I remember mine is around 180mm ± the distance to the 9points on the plate.</p><p>In case you did everything right it could be an issue with the z-Axis motor, or the belt. As the cetus is only using the motorsteps (or revolutions of the stepper motors) for measuring the distance it seems that there is a problem. Sorry but out of your one sentence it´s hard to solve your issues or help with advice.</p><p>best</p><p>kirkdis</p><p> </p>