Z-Axis Belt position

My Z-Axis belt looks like it's going to slip off the Z-Axis motor.




If it ever slip off or the belt slip half way off its position, we will provide an replacement,contact eamil: support@cetus3d.com

Jason Wu

Cetus Team

Just received my Cetus today. On mine, as I unboxed it, I noticed the X motor bracket was bent and the belt was starting to track off the pulley. It looks the belts are too tight, or the bracket is not strong enough for the belt tension.

JanP, I had the same exact issue with my Cetus when it arrived. The X-motor bracket was bent and the belt path skewed. I forcibly bent the X-motor bracket back to straighten it out and it seems to be running just fine. It is a little disconcerting, though, especially since the belts rub against the printed guides. 

Is it OK for the belts to rub against the guides? All 3 of my axis experience this issue.


Sorry for the huge pictures! I posted from phone and I don't think I can edit my previous post.

Hello rdlaner

Your y-axis seems bended heavily. I think you need to straighten it by bending it backward. Try hold the extrusion and the stepper motor and give some force. Sorry about this, bending like this will definitely fixed before leaving factory, this likely to be a shipping issue, we will improve our packing in later shipments.


Yes, same here. I bent the braket back, and got the belt to center stay in of the pulley.

Y, and Z looks fine on mine, but X is rubbing against the side of the exstrusion, on the hole length of the extusion, just like rdianer mentions as well.

I can't get the belt to run center in the extrusion slot and still be center on the pulley. For that I would need to push the pulley further in on the axel of the stepper motor. I'm not sure if that is possible.

I does look like a shipping issue. There are no marks, holes, dents or anything visible on box. I'm guessing it' might have been the big box with the accessories, that has been pushing against the stepper, during transport. I did order a spool of filament, so that added to the weight of the box.

I have noticed the same issue, Perhaps a replacement of the spring with a less stiff one would solve this? There is also no way of adjusting the belt tension. You might want to consider this in any V2 you hav planned.


x and y axes are spring loaded so no need to adjust tesion for belts.

A slight off of position is acceptable but if you found your belt is heavily rubbing against the extrusion please report to support@cetus3d.com with pictures. We will help you fix it or provide replacement.

my x axes was exactly the same as rdlaner

I just bent the bracket back and it seems to be just fine now

My x axis motor looks exactly as the picture above.  I am running my first test print as is and it seems to be working.  I was afraid to bend it into position and not sure if I even should.  I contacted support.

I have run a couple hours of prints already.  I examined the area of concern afterwards and found my x axis belt has in fact been rubbing on the inside of the aluminun rail's slot and it created a good amount of wear.  My belt is now abraided on the edges.  In an effort to reduce/eliminate it, I decided to force the motor into place by hand.  With mild coercion, it is now lined up fine and the belt is no longer rubbing.  It has been printing for a while since and looks great.

Hi Cetus Team

My Z Axis Belt also facing this issued, i have to push it back in position.

And also discover that there is brush off of the belt dust seen like it brushing onto something.

My abcker no. is 738 Kindly advice.



For the x Axis you can use this part to keep it straight. I designed it and for me it works perfect!


Exactly same probleme here #410

But printer works fine.

Will give a try to the System B posted on thingiverse