X5 side door won't close

Hello all,

I would really appreciate any help for the following situation :pray: : we have a 2-weeks old X5 printer at work that behaved properly until two days ago, when the side door couldn’t be closed anymore, no matter what. We managed to close it manually when the printer is shut down but when I try to open it from the menu, it opens but cannot close.
I have the following errors (screenshot attached):

  1. When trying to switch plates: “[2108]Error: Slide Door Detection Failed”
  2. When trying to close the door using “Door Control” button:"[818] Error: Printer Port Timeout"

P.S. I’ve also requested for support but no reply so far (tech support person of the local distributor is on sick leave).

Have you updated the Firmware (Screen Software) yet ?
Could also be damaged cabling, causing faulty feedback from that switch by the door.