X-axis not holding, results in tilted prints

<p>I have printed a bunch of items with my new printer, mostly camera and photography items, and most has printed perfectly. The slicer and printer are very easy to use.</p><p>However, when I print tall cylinders (tubes) I am finding they tilt backwards (toward the x axis motor). The taller the hollow round tube, the more the tilt. This does not seem to happen with tall square cross section hollow prints or any other shape, the tilt just occurs on round cross section tall hollow tubes. There is no noticeable shift in the z or y axis measurements.</p><p>Is there any way to adjust this printer so it prints round tubes straight? Is there a way to recalibrate the x-axis on the plate motor to make sure it returns to where it left off when it slides up for the next layer of pla? It looks like the circles that make up the tube are “wandering” backwards toward the motor.</p><p>Do I need a new x-axis motor or is there a sw fix I am missing?</p><p> </p>

<p>Well, I need to amend my previous post. I tried printing a tall hollow square tube and, yep, it leans backwards (toward the x axis motor). </p><p>Any ideas on how to fix this x-axis positioning problem?</p>

<p>SOLVED - My grandson said this evening: “if it prints tilted, maybe the machine is tilted”</p><p>DUH, so I took out a drafting square and my angle finder, and yep, the z-axis was leaning back a bit. Removed the 3 screws holding the z-axis to the bracket, loosened up the top allen-head bolt that holds that bracket to the base, straightened it up, put it all back together, recalibrated the bed and now it prints straight as an arrow.</p><p>I think this one can be assigned to user error.</p><p> </p>