Worth repairing the printer?


this weekend I buyed a defect UP300 really cheap.

Can anyone tell me the pinout of the powersupply?
I have a similar power supply at home but found nothing on the pinout of the printer.
And i don’t want to messup the printer even more than it already is.

In general, would you recomment repairing this printer?
When i read topics like “GCODE support for UP300” I’m not sure if it’s really worth the money and time.
Also did anyone consider switching the motherboard to a “opensourse” one?

Best regards from Switzerland

Don’t know about the power supply but the “opensource” upgrade can be done just by swapping CPUs. I believe there is currently a beta Marlin 2.0 CPU that is being sold on tinyfab.xyz but I’m not sure if it works with UP300.

Thanks for your infos! I wrote a mail to the tinyfab guys. Will see what they say.

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Did you progress with this??