Wireless not working

I've connected my Cetus3D to my wireless network, it gets an IP address and I can ping it, but my Cetus3D software (and also my UPStudio software) don't see it. Once it's connected back to USB it immediately recognizes it, but nothing from wireless. Anyone have any thoughts?

I'm in the same boat. Support told me it might have to do with my having too many wireless devices (I would think actual traffic matters more). If a count matters, that could be. I'm sure I'm well over 20 devices on my wireless network.

Is your PC on the wireless network or wired? My PC is wired which led me to believe that instead of searching the PC's network for a device with partial MAC address sequence that identifies it as a Cetus3D printer, the underlying search starts by requesting the PC's wireless network (in my case, none) and then subsequently only checks on that wireless network. Because, like you, I can confirm that my Cetus3D has an IP address that I can ping.

Since the software obviously communicates via IP address, it would be nice if in addition to the "easy" search there were an "advanced" option to simply plug in the IP address.

Same problem here, would it matter that my PC is on the 5G network. I tried switching to 2,5 but still no connection. This does away with the whole wifi ability of this printer

I find it difficult to believe that the number of wireless devices matters unless it's some silly limitation such as "is there a Cetus3D in the first 5 wireless devices I see?" I've configured my wired PC to connect to my wireless printer without issue (while on wired; not switching to wireless just for the config). Their installer sees their printer just fine. The same type of network search is definitely not going on here.

I didn't even know about the wireless capability when I ordered the printer. I was definitely excited when I learned about the feature because it seemed like it would be sufficient until I can figure out a way to get this thing running with Octoprint.

Best I can tell the Cetus3D printer has trouble enumerating WiFi SSID's. It stops at 10 or so. If we had the option of manually typing in the SSID, that would help most people. I'm in an apartment building with 50+ WiFi SSIDs (6 of which are me). The Cetus3D couldn't see the router next to it, but I was able to trick it in to connecting by renaming one of my other routers to the same SSID (and password) as the one I wanted it to connect to. It works flawlessly now.

It sounds like they will need to allow for an "advanced" WiFi configuration mode (well, really, just free-form text boxes) both for connecting to the wireless network (which I was able to get working fine) as well as a way to configure the IP address of the Cetus3D within Cetus Studio.

Those two changes would address both the enumeration issue with WiFi SSIDs and the inability of Cetus Studio to find Cetus3D printers on the network.

I'm a network engineer for a living, and 5G vs 2G doesn't make sense-all Cetus should have to do is respond to anything in the same subnet, and unless you have a particularly weird setup, both your 5G and 2G networks will be on the same subnet. I'd actually imagine the issue isn't with the Cetus itself, but the software, not being able to check enough IP addresses in a range. My wired and wireless networks are actually on the same subnet, so I *should* be able to connect to Cetus from my wired computer, but I've tried both wired and wireless and failed. I never have more than 7 devices, as well, so I can't imagine that's it. I can create a new wireless network and try connecting both Cetus and my laptop to that to see if that does the trick, too.

About wifi, yesterday, while printing, I lost the connection with the printer. Not a big deal, but it's a bit annoying as I like to see how much time left I have :) Today happened again, but it came back eventually.

Actually, wifi keeps dropping now, super unreliable (again, not an issue as it's printing, but it's weird), I'll see if it's better when the print is done.

I do not even see my WiFi network in the list.  Sometimes I get one neighbor's SSID but oftwn I get zero.   On other devices, I get about 5 networks I could join. 

Same issue here.  My PC is hardwired to the network, but my Cetus cannot see with Wifi network, even though my printer can, which sits right next to it.

Hoping that the Cetus team is back from the Chinese New Year Holiday to work on these issues, or at least provide some guidance!

I had the same issue when I first put it together. The next morning it listed my wireless network. I wonder if it picks the ones with the best signal and lists those. Maybe move it closer to your wireless router or AP and see if it shows up.

Ok, I managed to join both my phone and my laptop to my Cetus via wifi. I think it needs to be a 2.4Ghz network exclusively-not sure why, but so it is. If your router puts out both a 2.4Ghz and a 5.0Ghz network with the same SSID you can try renaming the 2.4Ghz network and using that for whatever computer you want to connect to Cetus and the Cetus itself. Almost all devices have 5.0Ghz support these days, so it shouldn't affect the bulk of your connections. If you live somewhere that there are lots of wifi networks around you, you can try refreshing the wifi networks within the Cetus software by closing an re-opening the wireless network dropdown several times. Took me about 20 tries, but finally my network showed up. Seems to work both on my phone and my computer, so good news. I'm not worried if it drops, just as long as I can send prints to it.

I can connect no problems, but sometimes the software loses the Cetus, and if I go into settings it searches and finds it again. There's only 2 or 3 SSID's (including my own) around here though, and only a few devices on the network

<p>Help, I just ran into the same problem as well. When I first connected the printer, the usb connection and wifi connected fine, both show up in the UP software. My computer restarted itself just now and now the UP software doesn’t show wifi being connected. But I can see from my router the Cetus is connected to my network.</p><p>Has anyone found a fix to the problem yet?</p>

It’s enormously disappointing to find that 3 years on I am seeing this exact same problem. I’m on a AP but that should make no difference. Connected laptop and printer to same SSID from the AP get an IP. Can ping it. Pull the USB. Says disconnected and no printers available. Do these people ever fix problems?