WiFi not working in UP studio with Cetus 3D MKII

<p>Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this post.</p><p>I’m having some issues with my brand new Cetus 3D MKII, I’m unable to connect through wifi. It works fine by usb but the print is not showing up in the app even though it’s connected correctly to my home wifi.</p><p>The printer is connected to my 2.4 GHz wifi, same as my computer, and has an IP address, I can see it in my router interface (a linksys WRT1900ACS) and I can ping it in the command window. All of that make me think that it’s more a software problem than a hardware one. I’m running on the latest windows 10 and I have the latest version on the UP Studio app. I have also tested it on another computer which runs on macOS, but the problem is the same.</p><p>I have found some post with similar issues but those are pretty old and didn’t provide a solution for my problem.</p><p>Any lead on how to resolve that is welcome :)</p>

<p>Hi Nico,</p><p>don´t use the Upstudio. Tiertime has different software applications for their tiertime printers and the Cetus3d. You have to use the Cetus3D desktop application to use wifi connection.</p><p>best</p><p>Daniel</p>