Why isn't there any new news?

Does anyone know what's going on with software improvements? Gcode support? Anything? Everytime I sit down to do something it seems I'm being limited by Up Studio for what I want to accomplish. There is not enough control and since there is no workable gcode support I'm completely stuck. In order to figure out the best settings I need to be able to vary them within a single print to look at the result. Does anyone know how to do this with the current software? Also has anyone been able to successfully switch filaments during a print? Or print with the smallest diameter nozzle?

I've tried the advanced print but it just seems to completely lock up the program and when it does finally become responsive there's no resume.

Would also love an update/timetable. Have some big prints that I'd like to do once we have a little more control. 

I switched colors during a print. Worked just fine. Used the Advanced option to set a pause height. Printer paused and moved the head away from the print. I used the normal controls to withdraw, changed filament, extrude then resume. Just be careful to watch during extrude to make sure the filament coming out of the head isn't landing on the print. You can catch it and pull it to the side a bit while it's extruding. When you're ready to resume just make sure there's no filament hanging below the nozzle.


@cyberhugger, thanks for sharing. That looks geat! A thign to help is printing a purge collum, something small like 5x5x(same height of the model) Once the filament is changed, then the it can just continue on the purge colum before goign right back the to actual model, will help keep it clean.

@everyone, please have patience, they are still on vacation and probably wont be back until next week. Chinese new years is a very important and serious holiday (can last about 15 days) which will help them prepare for a prosperous year to come.

Also did a filament change that way and it turned out great. Wasn't sure of the height so opened the model in Meshmixer and was able to measure in there. Need to find some other models to do multi-color. 

I do hope team Cetus is enjoying the Chinese new year festival and are getting some much needed rest! 

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Also did a filament change that way and it turned out great. Wasn't sure of the height so opened …[/quote]

Yeah I think they've done a Great job so far, even with a few units havign some issues (expected from their first run). Overall I'm very happy with and jsut ordered a 300mm Z version last week. Hopefully once they all get back I can get a shipping confirmation lol.

@BlueDinos I was unaware that they were still on vacation. I thought surely that had been over for a while now. Wish we got that in the US ;) How can I accomplish printing one test that prints and different temps at different layers so I can test best temp for a material?

@cyberhugger When I do advanced print and it pauses I have no option to restart it at all. What is the button you press to resume the print after you have swapped filament? Screenshot? I don't have any issues physically changing the filament I just have no way to restart. 

Also I would have been a LOT less frustrated if it had been clearly communicated to me when to expect them back from CNY.

@adam6806 Yeah I understand since it's not the same here in the US...I wish we had 15 days off too!! Anyway, the Cetus Studio is pretty lacking for that kind of test. I also wish I can do taht like in SImpify3D but unfortunately you'll have to do it manually. I pretty much was able to see right away taht 210c default was too hot. I'm currently printing at 196c with my PLA's and they come out great. Of course I had to print a few tests like bridging and overhangs to get just the right temp. But at least they are working on providing us witha  complate GCode translator so that we'll be able to use 3rd party slicers down the road...hoepfully in a few months, fingers crossed!

@BlueDinos How do you resume your print after a pause using the advanced print?

Also could you explain how you went about performing your tests using bridge and overhang prints to dial in that number so that I could do the same with my filament?

"wish we had 15 days off too!"

Actually, for CNY it's 3 days off. The official holidays are 7 consecutive days, but to make up for it, you have to work both Saturdays before and after (sometimes could be a Sunday, it depends on of the date) :)

Anyway, an update would be great yes! ^^

you can click "+",then click "MODEL"(the same button when you open a stl file) and a file choose dialog will pop up, then you can choose a .gcode file

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@BlueDinos How do you resume your print after a pause using the advanced print?[/quote]

you resume the print job like a normal "pause"

@lbbetty have you succesfully used gcode? If so please explain to me your process for getting a proper print using some 3rd party slicer. Also as I have explained there is no option for me to resume the print so I can't resumt the print job like a normal "pause" because the software does not behave like a normal pause for me.

Is there some sort of way to get email alerts when people post on my thread? Every day I'm coming in and scanning through all my posts (of course they never have responses from Tiertime).