Where to buy extra nozels and parts?

Cetus3d or anyone,

Do you know where to buy spare 0.4mm nozels that will fit the cetus3d. Mine got damaged during some issues around the extruder. Anyone got any ideas where to buy one that will do the job?

Im also interested where to buy replacement heaters and extruders going forward. I emailed Cetus3d however no response.



Same here, my 0.4 split in half and leaked everywhere, so I really need to buy a new one.

mine split in half too

[quote][size=2][color=#999999]stephenturcot post at 2017-2-23 15:50[/color][/size]
mine split in half too[/quote]

the top part is stuck in my extruder and i cant get it out

I just ordered a 0.4 and a 0.6 as the Cetus3d are now selling them online.. The quality looks better in the photo as well its steal shaft and no longer ceremic.


Happy Days..


Of course, now I need to get another .4 nozzle and it is sold out right now. lol