When is Version 3 coming out?

Is there a release date yet?

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Didn’t Jason say a week or maybe two in the stream? So any day now, or next year basically I reckon.

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I had guessed at least a month away from release. The Beta Jason showed off didn’t look anywhere near as polished as the current version of UP Studio. They’ve also got to spend time getting all the settings to work as well.

I kind of liked the unpolished software - it looked pretty functional and reminded me of the original software which I liked a lot more than Up Studio.

Up Studio always felt to me like it was intended for beginners, and to be fair, I can’t think of a better slicer and printing program for 3D if your market is artists instead of engineers.

I noticed a few bugs they were dealing with during the stream, but I am looking forward to seeing what they bring out.