What are these parts in pictures for? What printed parts are most prone to breakage and should print spares of

pretty self explanatory questions.

  1. Which parts are recommended I print spares due to wear and tear.
  2. I have no idea what these parts that came with the printer are for.
    Bonus: I received a printer that looks like it’s an mk3 ( I ordered from 3rd part site claiming mk2) and somehow it has Hiwin rails.

Perhaps it is used? the wires were zip tied like brand new is supposed to be. Perhaps some MK3’s shipped with Hiwin rails? I can identify as MK3 due to limit switches I believe and manual that came with it as well as model number on bottom of printer ends with 4B

(pictures aren’t showing)

sorry, here they are(in two posts cause new users are only allowed one per post I guess)