We need proper documentation

I love the Cetus3D printer, but i think that the level of documentation is way below standard of the printer - and that’s a pity !
If Cetus won’t provide it, I think that the Cetus community should do it. The printer and new users deserves it.
I would gladly contribute, but we need Cetus / JasonWu to initiate a (sticky) structure in the forum.

I agree, the software documentation is missing !

I also agree that documentation is needed. A wiki page would be useful so that we can give it a sensible structure.

<p>+1.</p><p>The documentation is really lacking.</p>

<p>Awesome product, but I agree that more documentation is in order.</p><p> </p><p>Links to PDFs are broken, and links to different documents yield the same PDF. For lack of docs, the forum might be useful if it was moderated to keep the spam out… but currently the forum is so full of advertisements and porn spam that it is impossible to post a question and return the next day to find an answer. Maybe some trusted users can be granted moderator status to remove spam and the accounts of anyone posting spam?</p><p> </p><p>Also, the software has changed since most of the youtube tutorials were created, so you can’t even depend on youtube to help you through the setup. For example, when leveling the nozzle to the table, all of the tutorials show a SET button being clicked to declare the lowest origin. But now the software has no SET button, instead requiring the user to manually enter a value. How would we know that? Especially a newbie?</p>

<p>I don’t feel Teirtime or Cetus really support their product anymore. </p><p> </p><p>Did you guys know that the phone app is no longer supported and is being rolled up into one app with Up3D? My app never worked and I had to do a ton of digging to find that out, and I didn’t find out from this company. </p><p> </p><p>Have you guys ever tried to print with a 0.2 or 0.6mm nozzle? If you have, you’d know that the extruder speed does not change appropriately for the nozzle diameter, making it pretty much impossible to print with those nozzles using the Cetus3D Studio software.</p><p> </p><p>How about printing PLA? Don’t get me fucking started on that. Again, pretty much impossible with the Cetus3D Studio software as they don’t give you any control of the part cooling fan. Even if you disconnect the fan, the heated build plate doesn’t get hot enough, and the software has a max set point of 99 (doesn’t allow three digits).</p><p> </p><p>Do you ever wonder why the Cetus3D Studio ( version is not caught up with the UpStudio ( version? UpStudio has some nice features\convieniences that Cetus3D Studio does not. But UpStudio is missing things that are needed for calibrating the Cetus3D printers.</p><p>I can go on. I’ve bitched, but get no official responses. They sell it, but don’t support it.</p>

One of the benchmark tests of a good company is whether or not they respond with solutions to problems… and if they do, the next measure is how QUICKLY they respond, and how effective the solution turns out to be. Having said that, I want to express a very big THANK YOU to the CETUS team for implementing a rock-solid solution to the forum spam problem! This quick and effective response tells me that the CETUS team is committed to their customers and to helping them get the most from their CETUS 3d printer.

Now it is possible to read about other CETUS users’ experience with this wonderful machine! In my opinion, a good forum is the best documentation. All products evolve, and a lively forum stays current with a products evolution while static documents tend to become fixed at one point in the product’s development.