Way to improve warping and raft sticking

Hi All,

I’ve been having a lot of pain recently trying to prevent models from tearing from the base, and to stop warping… Found something that works - even whe printing from cold.

I figured it was drafts and related issues causing the problem, so I got one of those Surface Mount Rework air wands, set it to 100 degrees, and cracked open the lid of my UP300, and stuck it in. 100 degrees air isn’t too much, but it creates net positive pressure and hot drafts… Now I’m printing huge flat sections on my base, almost as large as the entire platform, and no lifting… Using eSun ABS @250 degrees and 100 degrees platform. Just the normal pre-heat is enough, and I don’t have to let the heat soak in. And the models still pop right off of the support material when I’m done.

Internal ambient temperature in the plenum is around 50 degrees sustained, which is a little hot, but not too much… All the prints come out just great.

This has solved another one of my printing problems, so thought I’d share. It just sucks in cold air from outside and slightly pressurises the UP300 with 100 degrees air, which quickly cools to around 50 degrees, but it makes quite a difference.


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That’s an interesting tip, good work!
How much playing around with printing settings did you do beforehand? I was finding that if I change bed temps on a custom material and watch the head and bed temps on UPStudio, it was using the temps from the standard materials. I narrowed that down to having to change the material on the machine to match my selection in the software (as the machine is ignoring the software material settings and using the setting in the machine) but now I don’t know when the material settings are pushed out to the machine and will have to do more testing.