Warranty policy I cant get behind

I’ve bought my mk2 years ago and everything went smoothly. Yes, some things needed tinkering, and I did stupid mistakes. Tiertime however provided me with spare parts and advice. Until this Christmas.
I bought the upgrade kit for the mk2 with everything needed. First there were parts in the provided download which didn’t fit at all. They are way to high. Then the homing cycle couldn’t finish because one momentary switches did nothing. I tested it, everything was fine with it. Therefore, it has to be the extension board.
So I asked Tiertime for a replacement for that and because of the warranty policy I had to pay €25 for the shipping. I’ve spent €200 for an upgrade and now had to pay again for the replacement parts.
That’s just ridiculous. In the end the problem was a momentary switch with a loose contact. I bought the replacement on my one because it would have been €20 again.
Now after all this time I have the printer running. Finally. But not for long.
The true touch probe that they shipped me with the upgrade is broken. I couldn’t check for that because the printer would not initialize. Now I’ve been told I have to pay the shipping again to get a new part.
Probably again €20.
I just cannot understand why I have to pay for the shipping. The parts are always free to replace.
But I wanted a working upgrade right out of the box. As any customer wants. I paid shipping for broken parts, then for the replacement and now again because I have more to replace.
I’m sorry, but that cant be legal.
If this printer is after this last replacement I’m going to dump it in the trash or salvage the parts and buy from another brand. 4 Months of emails and frustration. €200+ spent and its working just closely as before.
I’ve bought the upgrade exactly for the auto leveling system. One last Try.

If you consider buying one of the products, have in mind, that if they ship you broken parts, you have to
pay for the replacement shipping as often as you need replacements. It’s not even your fault something is broken. That’s the sad part about this. There is nothing you can do.

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Assistance for Cetus is far from optimal. I also was thinking of doing your kind upgrade, but after recent events with assistance I’m going to keep my Cetus printers stock.