Wall Thickness

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it is possible to increase the wall thickness of my printed parts for extra strength.

In the Cetus3d and Up Studio software I can only manage to increase the thickness of the top and bottom, but not the side-walls.

Thanks in advance for any help!

<p>Hi Moah,</p><p>The thickness of side-walls are controlled by increasing/decreasing the extrusion-width. Click on the “print” button within UpStudio and open the extra-settings by clicking on the arrow icons in the top left corner.</p><p>When you install a nozzle and set the size of nozzle withing UPStudio, the next setting to provide is the layer-height. UPStudio provides preconfigured extrusion-widths(side-wall thickness) for each layer height available for the nozzle used. So when you click on different layer heights you’ll notice the extrusion-width will also change.</p><p>You may change the extrusion-width for a given layer-height, but if you choose a width too far from the recommended width you will notice the print-quality degrades. Using a different slicer will allow for fine-tuning the print settings.</p><p>cheers,</p><p>Brent</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p>

Hi Brent, thanks for your answer!

It is true that by changing the extrusion-width, the wall thickness is changed too but it is not exactly what I meant.

I am looking for a feature that changes the number of layers, which form the wall. So that I could choose to have walls with e.g. 6 layers instead of 2.

If anyone knows how to achieve this, I would be very happy to learn :)

Cheers, Noah

<p>Hi Noah,</p><p>I haven’t found a config switch allowing for additional perimeters(outer and inner walls) in UPStudio. Purchased Simplify3D to gain advanced print configuration. I highly recommend Simplify3D if you can part with the cash. There are also the open-source slicers which also allow for advanced print configs.</p><p>cheers,</p><p>Brent</p>

Hi Brent, I was hoping I wouldn't need any other software, because so far the cetus software results in really nice and reproducible prints for me. But it seems some options are very limited. Hopefully they will optimize that soon...

Anyway thanks for your help!