Very happy

Hi there, after a long wait ( not that long ) during and after the KickStart campain, I received my Cetus. 

I wanted to drop a message to say that this printer is just great !! Very good quality and dead easy to use !!! 

3D printing is not new for me. The Cetus have join the little tribe I have here (Witbox, M3D, 101printer, BQ Prusa, Witbox 2 and minifactory). 

I have to say that compare to all printers I have or have used, it must be the most user friendly. Even with normal settings and 0.4 nozzle, I got a very good quality !!

The only thing that I'll modify will be the extruder's fan. It's really noisy. (no big deal)

So if the creator see that : congrats !!!!!

I'll 2nd this. I'm extremely happy with my Cetus3D as well. The Cetus3D *is* my first 3d printer, but I ended up doing a ton of homework on the subject beforehand (so many YouTube videos). It took me 2-3 days of experimenting to feel I knew what I was doing with it. And using it via WiFi is so convenient.

I'm very comfortable switching and loading filaments now, and more than willing to leave it for 5 hours to finish a high quality print (but of course I want it sooner when prototyping). As expected the 0.4mm nozzle is my workhorse for PLA, modified PLA's, and Flexibles. I've so far only used the 0.6mm nozzle for particle-filled filaments (wood, as they called for a 0.5mm). The 0.2mm I haven't used yet. I'm waiting to hear if the "clicking during bed-making" on 0.2mm gets fixed first (over-extrusion?). I mentioned in another thread, I'm looking forward to testing PETG.

At this point I'd really like to get my hands on some more advanced options. :)