Using the 0.2mm nozzle

hi there. 

Have been really impressed with my Cetus  since getting it up and running the other day. 

I tried out the 0.2mm nozzle yesterday and experienced an issue as the extruded was pushing too much material through- even with the 0.2mm settings in the software selected. 

I think the issue was discussed before, but i couldn't find an answer to if there was a fix in the current software version? If not, when is the next software update scheduled for? 

Keep up the great work. 



i also have problems with 0.2 nozzles. extruder ist clicking all the time. as you mentioned i think the feedforward for this diameter is too high.

did you hear something to change the problem?

thanks for any support.

i also very happy with this first step of 3d printer :-), but let's move on to top.


I had the same issues. Thats why I switched to Slic3r for slicing to have more control over the raft etc.

My 0.2mm nozzle is also clicking!! It's clearly being pushed through too quickly!

Cetus can you please reply!