Using an UpBox + with OrcaSlicer and OctoPrint

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I just got an upbox+ from someone that didn’t want it anymore and just gave it away, so I said Aye. I’m missing a buildplate (flex or otherwise) so I haven’t tested it yet, but I’ve managed to connect it to wifi from Up Studio and that works well. I just wonder if it’s possible to use another slicer, something I know and that I’m comfortable with, like OrcaSlicer. I also wonder if the job is sent from the slicer in realtime and if so, I don’t really want that, since if the PC/Mac/Something dies, so does the job, so using OctoPrint (or something?) would be rather practical.

Please don’t blame me if I make uneducated guesses here - I’ve only had the machine in a few hours. I’ve used 3d printers (creality, wanhao, prusa, ultimaker, and my last one, a bambu x1 carbon) for some years and I know quite well how things work, but this one is new to me.

So - anyone that knows if this is possible or easy or isn’t it needed or how does this work?

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As per my view you can use slicers like OrcaSlicer with it, though you might need to tweak settings. Jobs are saved as G-code files, not sent in real-time. OctoPrint can manage prints remotely. I recommend experimenting with different setups to find what works best for your workflow .

Hope it helps !

Thank you

Thanks for the reply, but what sort of connector should I use from orcaslicer or octoprint? Octoprint usually uses Serial over USB, but when I connect the printer to my raspberry pi, there’s no serial device there. Also, to send directly from OctoPrint, I get a list of choices where none of them are upbox or similar

How do I connect OctoPrint to the UpBox+? I haven’t found a way so far. Neither have I found a way to connect OrcaSlicer to the printer. Can you please elaborate?

Could you please help me out here? there’s nothing in the docs and the printer isn’t exposed as a serial interface. Neither does it have a usable network interface.