UpStudio3 - support of G-code printing

Hello Jason.

I’m using UpStudio 3 together with my slightly modded (mk8 nozzle + heater block) Cetus MkII. I was able to tune it (almost) to perfection according my needs. The UpStudio 3 is now my go-to solution for 3D printing, comparable with alternative slicers. Great work!

As I’m using the printer also for lasering, I’m curious if there’s planned posibility to directly load and upload external G-code, like in previous UpStudio 2. It would be helpfull to have just single software package for controlling the printer.

There are various convertors and uploaders around supporting gcode to umc translation and upload via (only) usb, I would prefer the wifi interface and trust that everything is done as it should be without reverse reengineering atc. Such little official tool could be really helpfull and opening the perfect machines just to another dimensions of use.

Thanks for your reply / putting it on list.

Regarding the ability to directly load and unload external G-code in UpStudio 3, I have to say that I am not aware of such functionality in the program at this time. However, I understand that this might be a useful feature for those who use printers for various purposes, including laser printing.

Hi Mav,

Thanks for the feedback and good to know MKII is still in use. I am sorry to tell that MKII is not going to get external Gcode support. Cetus2 now able to run Gcode from Cura/Superslicer etc but it use a complete different electronics.