UpStudio slicer makes an unwanted 1-layer raft. What gives?

Need help pls. Been 3D printing for 8 years (started with original UpMini), and kinda know what I’m doing. New problem, UpBox+, Flex board. Now when setting up to print a flat-bottomed object, the preview (and same when printing…), shows in yellow, a one-layer raft, and after printing, it’s friggin’ welded to the flat bottom of the object. NO RAFT is checked in the print parameters. I’ve printed a very similar part before, and it printed cleanly, flat face against the flex board. Here’show it looks in the slicer. Any ideas?? I need to print a lot of parts for a client’s project…!

Hello, I have found the source of the issue. In short, it stems from their support management module. Let me explain how I arrived at this conclusion. I loaded an STL model that didn’t require supports and checked the corresponding box (photo A). Subsequently, I initiated a slicing preview (photo B). It’s noticeable that it automatically generated a kind of raft even though it wasn’t requested. Following this, I accessed the ‘support editor’ module and observed that it imposed certain supports, including those for the first layer (photo C). I then unchecked the first layer and ran another preview (photo D). The raft had vanished, but new supports had appeared that were absent in the initial slicing. Following this, I revisited the ‘support editor’ module and deselected everything. When I reinitiated the slicing, the software crashed (photo E). The conclusion is that Up Studio is glitchy. Considering they appear to have ceased its development (at least, I believe so), and since we cannot use other commercial software, we’re left only to lament having invested a significant amount in their rather expensive machines. In summary, uncheck the first layer, and sometimes the second, in the ‘support editor’, and proceed with your print this way, bearing in mind that it will inevitably generate unwanted supports. If anyone has an alternative explanation for this phenomenon, please don’t hesitate to respond. Naturally, it would be ideal if one of Tiertime’s developers could provide their perspective on this situation. Stay strong.

I’ve been using the latest Beta 3 version and have not had any problems printing without rafts or supports.