UPStudio printing on UP Plus 2 (with no CPU upgrade)

Is somebody aware if there is any time limitation when printing with UPStudio on older UP Plus 2 3D printers?

For version 2.6xxx, the software will generate some command that are not compatible with older machines. So please use 2.5 series of UP Studio.

Time limitation? So Up Studio will not work with a model that is still being sold?

What do you mean by older machines?
Does a UP Plus 2 with CPU upgrade still belong to older machines category?
Or, in others words, does a UP Plus 2 with CPU upgrade work with UP Studio 2.6xxx?

Dear Jason
No time to give a feedback to me or there is none?

Sorry for late reply, If you have CPU upgrade for UP Studio, then it is not considered as “older machine” and should be compatible to v2.6.2. I suppose there is no time limitation for printing?

Hi Jason
Many many thanks for the reply.

Using two different versions may be very uncomfortable when you are using both “old” and “new” printer together. I think that the UP Studio should be able to handle any Tiertime printer!