UpStudio Issues


I work at a school and we have come across a issue we haven’t had before.

We have a row of UpPlus 2 printers along the back of the room in a lab of computers.
what normally happens is the kids use UpStudio (Ver. to get the files ready then transfer to the printers via USB/SD card.

however we re imaged the lab to get the latest CAD software on them and same version of Upstudio was reinstalled.

now the software does not allow uploading of stl files/3d files.
nothing loads in doesn’t show like a bed preview like it used to, it just says no printer connected.
we never connected the printers last time is there any way around this?

Ok first things first. If your Tiertime UP Plus 2 printers are running the old original non-wireless CPU, then UP Studio V2.6 will not slice and communicate properly.
This is an issue with UP Studio where it’s supposed to work with all machine models, but only works properly with the newer machines or with machine that have the CPU upgrade.

To get around this, download and install UP Studio V2.5 for now.

Your connection issue sounds strange. Either way, you and anyone using the older machine models with the non-wireless CPU upgrade, needs to stick with UP Studio V2.5 for now.

The problem with V2.6 in the older machines is the print can and will on longer jobs randomly halt in a space, and never resume. This is because Tiertime have changed the slicing methodology slightly and implemented code that clearly isn’t read properly off the older firmware CPUs.

thank you installing 2.5 worked and everythings going now,
had no idea about the version issue.
thanks again

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