Upstudio for Mac

When is Up Studio for Mac going to Material Profiles added.

Are we able to use a 3rd party slicer or edit gcode for the mac?

Very frustrating watching all the tutorials for upstudio and upbox and many of the tips / tricks are not applicable to Mac

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i belive you can import materials, just not create or edit on mac? if you have a windows machine nearby you can export materials there.

its doesn’t really answer your question, but maybe a workaround?

this is a poor option. We do not own a windows machine.

I am finding that upbox is a closed system with very few options to Mac users.

Would have been good to have know this prior to purchase this machine.

Getting a solution from Tiertime isn’t going to be fast, sorry to say. And in my experience I just create a new profile for my brand of PLA, ABS and PETG and never bother with the material editor again - so thats why I mention it, its a hassle but it may get you printing while waiting for Tiertime…

bjorn appreciate this.

What other issues do you encounter with mac and upbox?

I only briefly tried letting my partner print on my Up Mini 2 from her Macbook; besides having to export/import the materials I don’t think there was any other issues related to Mac.

The App was useless as it didn’t work on an iPhone, required an iPad, but still didn’t work on her iPad,

I resolved the issue by upgrading to a non-Mac user… :laughing:

yes i dont think they are interested in mac users

thanks for u feed back

Yeah, my Up Mini has 99 problems, but the Macbook ain’t one:P

Anyways, if you don’t have any access to windows machines for the material profile, you could try posting the paramters you need and hope someone can create and export the profile for you.

would you buy another UP or Tiertime printer?

That is a hard NO.

I purchased mine for a local vendor, as support was a factor in buying a “premium” ready to go printer. I never got anything but empty promises from the local vendor until they seemed to terminate their consumer business and go incommunicado.

Tiertime did provide a single part as a warranty replacement in the end, but that was a painfull process, and more akin to a Charlie Chaplin movie than customer support.

In the end the printer still doesn’t perform according to specifications with respect to bed temperature and warping, but Tiertime claim its not a professional model and they don’t have to abide by specs. So its a joke, just like the software.

i am completely unhappy with my UP BOX+

i get so frustrated that a “high spec” printer supposed to work out of the box has not met expectations. The demo worked a treat.

After that, the distributor in Aus/NZ have been supportive as they can be. However I feel they are getting frustrated with me more than I am with my UP Box+

I certainly would not recommend these model printers to anybody based on my experiences.

While I am not experienced in 3d printers we do have 2 x CNC mills and 1 x CNC lathe we use professionally.

Yeah, I bought mine after viewing the Makers Muse review, praising it for its ability to print ABS “like a boss” without warping, and if it did that then I’d be a happy camper.

But it doesn’t, and when manufacturer just goes “too bad” then it leaves a bad taste. Luckily having used a local vendor we have ridiculous consumer protection rights, and as the vendor had promised to send a replacement printer and failed to do so the payment provider that handled the transaction issued a full refund and chargeback to the vendor. So I get to spend $600 on new a new control board, quality linear rails and a new heated bed to make my printer the printer it should have been from the start.

nice work

it looks like we may do a similar thing to get what we need.

Mine unit cost AUD$4000.00 and I can honestly say they only successful print I have was the extension spool holder I printed yesterday.

I will do some more research. Maybe we can cut this upbox up and use some of the parts to make a good unit

Not sure if you saw this, I doubt it’ll be production ready any time soon, but they’re working on a new slicer. And there are users using Simplify3d and even Cura, but its not quite straight forward, browse the forum (maybe the old one) to find more info on that.


I’m not sure if this will provide moral support or just rub salt in the wound but I’ve been running 4 UPBOX machines for a few years now (on Windows) and have success with most ABS prints. So the machines themselves are pretty good. The software not so much.

ABS is waaay harder to print with then PLA, so the first question I’d ask myself would be “does this part need to be ABS?” If not then stick a TT PLA extruder on the UPBOX and you’ll have a way easier time printing non-warpy parts. I’ve just finished a production run of 90 production parts without failures for example.

Design sympathy is also important, when designing a part for 3D printing, just like any other manufacturing process, there needs to be some consideration given to how it will be formed. Geometry, wall thickness, overhangs, orientation, support etc. etc.

Owen S.


I have a UPBOX. What software can I use ? I have Up Studio, But I saw “Up Studio HD” also.
thank you

I have been using Up studio on my Mac with my up plus 2 for many months now without any problems at all.
However I did find that the new version of the software although it did work with the Up Plus did in fact have compatibility issues. I was advised as the machine was old to upgrade the CPU board to the new one with wireless. This is comparable with the new software and does work seamlessly. Since installing it I have no issues at all it’s wonderful. The wireless is very good too except that I cannot figure out how to get files that I have designed into the APP version of the software. It says use the cloud but there doesn’t appear to be any way of getting to the cloud to load and unload to the APP as far as I can see.
Personally I think the software on the Mac is way easier to use than on windows (yes i’ve tried both).
The only other thing I would say as well is the Up does not seem to like cheap filament whereas my other machines seem to accept any filament without problem the UP does not like anything other than TT genuine produce.

The print parameters are optimized for TT filament. If you want to setup your own profile on Mac then try the Catfish slicer we just released.

I just updated UP Studio on my Mac through the app store to v2.6.3 from v2.6.2.

This version is broken. It does not slice anything properly. In the preview for the slicing, it just does about 1/4 of the part and ignores the rest. It doesn’t matter what file you give it, size, layer height or anything, it just doesn’t slice the whole part. Using stock Tiertime material profiles as well as custom, no slicing difference.

I also noticed that in the material selection box, for a brief second the edit box flashes just below import just like on the Windows version of the software. Is this a bug with the new implementation of the material editor to the Mac version?