UPStudio can not find printer that is on a different subnet

Hi there,

I have a fairly complicated home network… i like to keep iot / 3d printer kind of devices on a separate subnet and vlan than my clients. I just set up my cetus printer and tested it over usb (flawless prints off the bat, couldn’t be happier in that department)… the problem is when its connected to my iot network.

It appears that the UPStudio is trying to locate the printer by sending a hardcoded UDP packet to the broadcast address my desktop is connected to. This is incompatible with segmented networks. Would it be possible to add a dialog to manually enter a printers network information? also, you might want to consider changing the search from using broadcast to multicast in the future, as this would also fix the issue (more of a ‘right way to do it’ fix. the manual network setting would be easier for a user to set up)