UpStudio 3.1.2 - Raft Issues

Hi i’ve noticed two issues with printing the raft.

  1. During printing the second layer of the raft, when a rapid (fast non extrusion move happens), it doesn’t lift the print head, thus causing collisions with the printed raft. (If it does lift the print head, it doesn’t do it before moving in x/y as it drags the print head threw the raft (it is definitely audible). This has happen with up studio 2 for a while and is still happening with up studio 3.

  2. During raft printing, on the edges of a model, that don’t neatly fit in to the multiple of the raft grid, you sometime end up with raft lines that are too close to each other, which in turn causes a build up of printed plastic, which builds up in the z direction.

Nether of this issue are high priority, they don’t affect the finished part, however they have been annoying for me for some time.

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