Upstudio 2 or 3 PETG profile

Does anyone have any profiles they can share for petg? I try to print it and there’s like a major lack of squish and bed aherance. Gaps between layer lines and so forth. Upstudio 3 has so many settings that it’s majorly daunting for me to look at.
Any suggestions are welcome. I’m using the PLA Extruder.

I printed about half a dozen bicycle bottle cage using my Cetus Mk3 and the default profiles, 0.4 nozzle 0.25 layer height…

i was using PETG with my Cetus 3D with heat bed with 245 nozzle and 60 bed temp - layer height was 0,2 nozzle size was 0,4 - had a special PETG profile added - but this seems to be not avail in V3/soda… there seems to be no PETG type at all

you need to slow down your print speed to under 30