Upgrade mk2 to mk3

Is it in your project to produce some upgrade kit (or some tutorial) to upgrade cetus mk2 to mk3, or at least to implement most of features of mk3 in mk2? It would be nice some kit to make a MK3 (or mk 2.5) as prusa made for his printers.


<p><p>I am also interested in such an upgrade kit for the MK2.</p><p>I ask Jason Wu the same question with following response:</p><p>“yes, it is possible but you also need to add more parts such as limit switch and others on the machine to upgrade, we may release an upgrade pack for MK2 users later.”</p></p>

Latest news! the kit is on the way, and will be released soon. Now we are testing them before dispatch to overseas warehouse

Just to clarify for others. The new Cetus 3D Mk3 does NOT come with any of the new features they brag about. its all options that are extra and incompatible with parts supplied with the MK3 so you have a half printer to replace and waste as its incompatible as spares. There is nightmare documentation and no support response so buying the mk3 plus the parts needed to get all the features means having to work out some of the installation as the videos are done with other parts already in place. There are gaps to get a fully featured mk3 in the docs and parts spare. The websites are badly mismatched, information differs, links fail, links jump you between sites. To assemble everythingyou need information in all sorts of places there is no single location. Mk3 standard power supply uses a non-standard cable to its block and the updated psu has no cable at all for its standard socket block so you can NOT use the cable from the old one. Instructions surrounding the flat ribbon cables when they mention them in writting are emphatic about metal pins up or down along with photos showing you to do the opposite plus the videos differ. I’m yet to power mine on, not certain its safe and wont fry since i did actually their instructions. The levelling probe requires you to assemble the printer and print a part first of a modified shroud. It should have come part of the kit plus they dont provide a link to the file so wtf? I think they sacked the staff that providedservice and had skills and knowledge as this time around they provide a horrendous experience. I dont care if theprinter is as good or better than my previous mk2 because i think it’ll fry itself due to their careless documentation. Before I purchased I asked when they will be selling a complete mk3 printer (as we assumed this is) with all the upgrade parts perhaps completely assembled and was told they had no plans.

Just thought you should know before buying. but if first printer I’d suggest avoid it as it requires experience and knowledge to cover the documentation gaps.

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