Upgrade kit MK2 to MK3 - cant find stl file to print parts

Hi everyone,
I bought the MK2 to MK3 upgrade kit but I can find the stl file to print the parts required for the installation.

On the installation guide they say that I can download STL parts from here:


But the page is empty.

I try to ask to the help center but nobody answer me.

I cant use the UPstudio file becouse my MK2 is broken (I dont know why, my MK2 does not initialize itself, not even with its button, so I suppose that the CPU is broken so I decide to buy the upgrade kit to fix and improve my printer. Also for this problem, nobody from tiertime answer to my help request.), so I need an stl file to print the parts using other printer (with cura).

May you help me?

Thank you.