Upgrade Kit for Kickstarter Printers

Hi Jason,
Hi Cetus Team,

will there be a Upgrade Kit which includes all the improvements of the MKII compared to the Kickstarter printers?

I'm not sure if it is technical possible, or if the changes are to large to get it done with a kit.

Would be very nice if you could offer such a kit, which will include new cables (for example extruder and grounding cables), mounting brackets for the cables, the solution "without endstops" (whatever this means, perhaps you can show more details on the MKII), the z-axis stop/break parts and so on.

I love my Kickstarter version of the Cetus3D but it would be nice to get a chance to upgrade to at least some of the new features.

Thanks a lot, you have done a very good job with this printer! I like you effort in improve as much as you can and hear what your community has to say.

Best Regards,


PS.: Did you already send out the Moshop Points of the Enclosure Contest?! :D ... have not received mine yet


also very interested in this request!

Or, e.g. the changes about endstops: can we change this "do it yourself" on the Kickstarter version? Or does it require hardware changes? I guess most of the other MKII changes are possible via "do it yourself" with printed parts, right?

Thanks, kind regards,



i still waiting for an answer, the cetus is the best