UpBox not triggering rest of Gcode execution up after bed warmup M190 command

So this works fine on my UpBox+. But got a cheap 2ndhand Upbox and when i run Gcode through it, the bed temperature gets to the target so 65deg say then jumps to 70 odd then back to 64/65 deg. This is all via an M190 S65 command in gcode. But it never triggers that it has got to temperature and to carry on with executing the rest of the gcode. M140 commands seem to do nothing.

Took the back off and the bed cable was slightly want seated with one end out by 3 mm or so… Thought that might fix it but no…

Anyone any ideas?

Manual bd heating gets to about 80deg c then can jump up to 93deg c then back to 80. Never gets to ABS temps needed.i.e. 110

Note this is all with the latest up studio. I might drop back a few versions see if that helps.

Ok, bit more info… the UpBox is using the older V38 motherboard V380316.

The Upbox+ that works fine is on the newer V39 motherboard. connected this one to the bed in the UpBox and it worked fine which rules out he bed in the Upbox…

So would seem motherboard related… there seem to be two TO220 type transistor packges near the extruder and bed ribbon cable connectors on the motherboard with heatsinks. These arent there on the V39 board. Could this be the culprit… do they fail over time?

ok so replaced the TO220 MOSFET for the heated bed and put thermal paste between it and heatsink too. Still same issue heats up to material temp as defined in Upstudio but when it gets to it say 90 degress it jumps to 95 then to 88 then 90 then 95. It never seems to trigger the Gcode to get past the M190 command.

So this might actually be a bug in the latest UP studio… gonna install an earlier version.

Nope… it was none of the above. Turns out the Upbox CPU firmware too old and doesnt work with Gcode sending from UpStudio.

How do i know, well swapped the CPU from my UPbox+ into the UpBox and it all worked. Sooo ordered a CPU upgrade kit for the Upbox…luckily its reduced from $500 to a much more sensible $150 on the tiertime shop :smiley: