UP300 Spool extender and lock for 1Kg spools

I made this a while ago, and recently noticed others have similar issues, so thought I’d share this.

It’s a spool extender, which fits in over the UP300 spool axle, and increases the diameter of the axle and prevents larger spools from binding up on the stock axle retainer, which causes failed prints.

I made it because I found 1Kg spools were thicker than the stock axle allowed, and would often pop open the door as they spooled out, due to sitting on the retaining section rather than the axle. This wider axle mod supports a smoother flow and makes the spool move like a second-hand of a swiss watch, rather than in sporadic jerks like a cheap watch.

Print, Install after you fit the larger 1Kg reels, twist 90 degrees and you’re set to go. Much more reliable prints using aftermarket filaments.

Here it is uploaded in case it helps anyone.

Spool Lock Adjusted for length.stl (42.6 KB)

I had the same problem and made a similar part

Thank you for this, Brilliant!

For TPU printing the resistance was too big so I made spool holder with a ball bearing. it works too good… so I added an “adjustable friction controler”. To reduce friction even more I am disabling also the filament sensor.