UP300 Not Recognized after Software Update

After a software update, my UP300 is no longer recognized. The number shows up, along with the filament type selected, but says “Printer Not Connected”. The Tiertime Up Studio kept nagging me about an update, so I let it update, and it immediately broke everything. How do I get this fixed again?

Further information - This seems a common problem.

I rolled back past the last microsoft update and deleted the software and reinstalled, but it didn’t fix it.

I tested the printer with another computer on the network and the printer works just fine. So it’s not the printer firmware at fault.

I installed a USB cable and the printer still won’t work with my main PC

This is a major problem here. Something in the Tiertime update is staying behind even after a rollback because it’s not being installed correctly. Tiertime, are you able to fix this or should I contact Microsoft and ask why signed software is breaking my PC and why it isn’t rolling back?

Whatever the software is doing, is breaking earlier versions of the UP Studio as well. I suspect it’s writing something to a file since the registry would be reverted once I did the rollback.

Any suggestions are appeciated - I don’t want to have to rebuild my computer just because the Tiertime software broke it - :frowning:

Please help -


Other examples that seem the same.