UP300 Model printed on support

Hi there,

I am currently a new proud owner of an UP300 and so far I have been having mixed success.

The printer is fantastic and when it works, it works. But the slicer software is letting the side down. I would love to print straight onto the bed but for some reason (with no supports ticked) it wants to put a layer or 2 between the part and the print bed. I have tried to move the part to the bed level and alter the supports so there is none. However when I go to use the slicer an error pops up.

If anyone could point me in the direction on the answer to be able to print straight onto the bed without supports and a raft, it would greatly appreciated.

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only in catfish slicer for now, its usable-ish if you keep a watchfull eye on things. the thread on forum for information on the beta version of catfish


If you ticked no support, but still found layers between bottom and platform. Could be 2 possibilities:

  1. model bottom is not completely flat. (sometimes tiny mesh that are not visible)
  2. model is slightly tilted or slightly above the platform that is not visible.

becuase the slicer will detect any empty space between bottom and platform, it will add necessary layers even no support is selected. You are recommended to use the autoplace to put object onto platform and use select bottom surface tool to make sure it is not tilted.

@Balform2020 can you upload a screenshot showing part orientation and the preview?

Sometimes when the no supports option is ticked, it will put in supports on certain features parallel to the bed in my experience, but this may have changed overtime.
If you go into the supports editor for the part, you could try turning off everything in there, and that will completely disable all supports detected. If you did want the raft printed, make sure to leave it on in the support editor.

Sometimes if you’ve oriented a part say a cube with the vertex of it on the bed, then this won’t work for some reason even if it’s auto placed so it’s definitely above the bed.
This is an issue that’s been in the software for a very long time.


Here is a cube that has been rotated and auto-placed by the software which still leaves a gap.

Another view.

I have turned off all supports in the supports editor and always get this error when slicing


Is there a fix for this?

Has it always had problems like this, or is this with just the latest update (v2.6.34)?

This is strange. Is the cube generated by UP Studio, or is it an imported STL file?

I am currently running V2.6.43.627.

I updated this morning to the version above.

It is an imported STL file that was converted in Solidworks.

will also get support along edge if your part has a slight radius or chamfer along the edge, was told thats just the way it is.