Up300 and Palette+/Palette 2

I am looking at purchasing a up300, would I be able to load filament externally, by passing the feeder tube, to use a palette+ or palette 2 for multi color prints?

I bet that’s not possible because we still can’t use gcode properly on Tiertime 3D printers (apart from the Cetus from what I have heard). Maybe if it uses the 3rd party TinyFab CPU but that is a bit experimental and needs firmware/settings tweaking…

For now we are still stuck with Up Studio. I still use version because everyting after that is causing holes in my prints. I heard that’s the last version that works with ‘‘old’’ printers like the Up Plus 2, maybe my Up Box is also considered old?

i’ve verified with the maker of the Palette that they support Up300 which means their software should generate the print code needed.

I’m mainly looking for feed back on if filament can be manually loaded from outside the printer straight into the extruder apparatus